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Cory, Jim and Mike are three likely lads from Winnipeg, Canada who formed a band that has evolved in to something pretty amazing. The Judes have a unique presence, that something special that sets them far apart from the everyday songs that bombard us at every turn. It is this simplicity and rawness that takes everyone to that great place which is fun, good times, and above all an appreciation of great music.

There are some obvious Beatles connotations and influences (Hey Jude) but don’t brush this off as another wannabe band as you will be sorely mistaken! The Judes have already made waves in Australia on their last jaunt overseas. A small tour with a big outcome, fans and crowds all finding an unquenchable curiosity with this international Trio.

Every now and then a band comes along that grabs you by the ears and just makes you listen. One that doesn't sound like just anyone. A band that changes people's perceptions. A band that quite possibly, changes music.

In an age where music is regurgitated and the rate of 200mph, it's refreshing to hear something a little different and less sterile - something that has heart and soul, something that lights that spark of emotion that makes you feel music.

A return to fun. A return to roots.

This is what music is meant to be about. This is what we almost lost.

This is passion, dreams, and the belief that one band can change the world.

The Judes are planning a second exodus to Australia’s shores later this year. With a firm fanbase in place and a taste of life downunder it promises to be a road trip like you see on the movies. If you keep an eye on the street press, your local live music website & the festival listings no doubt their names will be there. Go and watch them then breath out a sigh of relief, music is alive and well again.

Don’t take my word for it, download a copy of The Judes EP offering ‘Sunflower’ from digital retailers everywhere…. I think you’ll get it

  • Cory Pritchard - bass/vocals
  • Jim Anderson - guitars/vocals
  • Mike Dickson - drums/percussion/vocals

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Triple J

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